Drafting patent applications

Knowledge is power! This statement holds an even greater significance when it comes to drafting patents.

Dr. Sharona Lahav is deeply knowledgeable in a variety of disciplines and drafts patent applications in various fields related to physics, chemistry, engineering.

As you well know, in order to draft patent applications and to do so at the highest level and standards, it is extremely important that the patent attorney is conversant in the field of the invention – allowing the patent attorney to understand all the intricate details of the invention and draft it in the best way possible.

Her comprehensive and in-depth knowledge in many disciplines, combined with patent drafting expertise, allows Dr. Lahav to provide the highest quality professional service to meet your needs and to draft patent applications in varied subjects.


Patent registration in Israel and around the world

In order to register a patent, a patent application must be filed in the country in which the applicant is interested in obtaining patent protection. The application is examined and if the examiner finds the invention to be patentable, the patent application is accepted and a patent is subsequently registered.

Dr. Sharona Lahav offers patent applications filing services in Israel and around the world for a wide range of clients that include, among others, private inventors, companies, research institutions, Israeli as well as customers overseas.

Dr. Lahav drafts and files patent applications, in Israel and around the world, US provisional applications and international applications (PCT applications).

Dr. Lahav accompanies her clients every step of the way, from the first counseling session to patent registration.


Patent Search

The patent search is one of the first steps in the relationship between the inventor and the patent attorney. The purpose of the search is to make sure that there are no previous publications that might endanger the registration of your invention as a patent.

Dr. Sharona Lahav offers quality comprehensive services for analyzing search results and formulating opinions about the originality and patentability of your invention.

If publications that are similar to your invention come up in the search results, the findings will be studied by Dr. Lahav, who, based on these findings, will re-define your invention in a way that distinguishes it from these findings and may render it patentable.

Furthermore, Dr. Sharona Lahav offers analysis of search findings with respect to your freedom to operate, and provides expert opinions on your ability to use any product or process without the fear of infringing a patent in Israel and abroad.


Intellectual Property Management

Dr. Sharona Lahav makes customer satisfaction her priority and takes extra care to understand the specific needs and unique requirements of each of her customers.

Dr. Lahav provides her clients with portfolio handling services, advice and assistance in the development and protection of intellectual property in Israel and around the world.

As you know, a portfolio may include a diverse assortment of inventions and patent applications in a variety of fields.  Dr. Lahav's wide-ranging and extensive knowledge allows her to professionally manage all components of your portfolio, provide an expert opinion and provide the most appropriate strategic advice.



As part of her professional services, Dr. Sharona Lahav files design applications for registration in Israel and worldwide, for local and foreign clients.

Dr. Lahav handles all stages of filing an application - from preparing the application for filing to its approval.

Dr. Lahav also offers design search services and expert opinions that will give you the full picture on the chances of the object to be registered as a design.


Trademarks and Copyrights

Dr. Sharona Lahav makes sure to provide you the best solutions for the protection of trademarks and copyright.  To reach these goals, the office of Dr. Lahav works in cooperation with other reputable offices in the field.
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