Dr. Sharona Lahav – Patent Attorney

What do the following individuals have in common?
A person with a feverish mind with an idea to create a shoe that grows with your feet;

A Ph.D. student from the department of physics who claims to have discovered a sensor that locates particle movement in outer space; and

An ice cream manufacturing plant employee who says that he has found a formula that prevents popsicles from melting in room temperature?

Answer: they can all apply for a patent. Perhaps one day all three will have a big breakthrough in their respective fields .

Looks simple? Sounds promising? Well… not exactly.

Registering a patent or obtaining intellectual property protection is subject to laws and regulations. When this process is managed intelligently and creatively by an experienced patent attorney, he/she may save an inventor a lot of time, money, energy and, sometimes, even emotional distress.

Dr. Sharona Lahav is a registered patent attorney experienced and knowledgeable in science and technology.  She accompanies inventors, small businesses and corporations, academic and research institutions, throughout the entire process, from the initial counseling session to the registration of the intellectual property in Israel and anywhere in the world.

From concept to implementation:

Drafting and filing of patent applications in Israel and around the world for local and foreign inventors and handling the examination of patent applications through to their acceptance and registration.
Analyzing search results and formulating opinions on subjects such as patentability, freedom to operate and more.
Portfolio-building and giving strategic advice to clients in Israel and around the world – review of all portfolio components before formulating opinions and strategizing with the aim of obtaining the widest possible scope of protection for your patents.
Preparing and filing of applications for registration of designs in Israel and around the world for local and foreign clients, and handling examination of design applications through to registration.
Cooperation with patent attorneys around the world with the aim of ensuring a complete and professional handling all types of intellectual property in all relevant countries.

Professional service at the speed of light,
from sunrise to midnight!

Multidisciplinary professional knowledge in the fields of science and technology.
Responsiveness from patent application to registration – Dr. Sharona Lahav is committed to meeting short deadlines, through an efficient and integrated process management.
Cost-effectiveness – analyzing comprehensive search results, streamlining and shortening processes to save you a lot of time and money.
Personal care and round-the-clock availability – with her expertise as a patent attorney, Dr. Sharona Lahav will do all the work for you and will be available at all times to answer your questions and concerns and to provide advice and guidance.

Your place or mine? 

Dr. Sharona Lahav personally invites you to your first personal, no-commitment consultation.
She will listen to your idea, which may soon spread its wings and fly to become your own personal intellectual property.
To make an appointment/an initial phone consultation, please call 050-22-145-22.
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